The North Guilford Dominican Nuns prepare to come to Nairobi in 1965

Dominican Contemplative Nuns came from the Unites States, in May, 1965, to establish Corpus Christi Monastery

This Day the Nuns are Dedicated to leave for Kenya

The Ship Sailing to Africa carrying the Nuns belongings

The Dedication Day

The Nuns Already in Nairobi

The History of the Corpus Christi Monastery

 On the year 1965 twelve nuns from Our lady of Grace Monastery, North-Guilford CT, USA, sailed to Africa to found a Dominican monastery in Nairobi – Kenya. They were invited by, then, Archbishop John Mc Marthy C.S.S.P of Nairobi diocese.

His intention was to bring to Nairobi – Kenya a complete cloistered nun who would perpetuate the divine grace to assists East Africa develop to mutuality, sanctity, and peace which is based on love of God expressed in love of neighbor, by perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the recitation of the holy rosary.

This band of twelve nuns left New York on the Farrell Lines SS African Neptune for a 28-day voyage across the Indian Ocean to Mombasa port; they had two stops in Cape Town in South Africa and Durban.  Finally, on 30th April 1965 the ship successfully completed its voyage and safely arrived its destination, in Mombasa – Kenya.

Then, by rail, they traveled to their Corpus Christi monastery soon to be under construction in Nairobi. The names of these are:

  • Mother Mary Katheleen of the cross – Prioress
  • Sr. Mary Augustine of the passion
  • Sr. Mary Paul Thomas of the Holy Spirit
  • Sr. Mary
  • Sr. Mary Dolores of Jesus crucified
  • Sr. Elizabeth of the sacred heart
  • Sr. Mary Blanche of the sorrowful mother
  • Sr. Mary of the Immaculate heart
  • Sr. Mary Constance of the cross
  • Sr. Mary Dominic of the crown of thorns
  • Sr. Mary Francis Therese of the child Jesus
  • Sr. Mary John of Jesus crucified

 These courageous nuns who volunteered themselves to take as their primary function to sanctify Kenya and indeed the whole of East Africa by their adoration, reparation, petition and thanks giving, were officially welcomed by then, president Kenyatta.  After two weeks of getting acquainted with the people, the twelve nuns were cloistered in the separate wing of St. Thomas Regional seminary which will serve as their temporary quarters until their new monastery is completed.

The new monastery was built on the land bought by North Guilford community which adjoined the seminary property. With the growth of the seminary and the surrounding, the nuns felt the need to move to another quiet place which will favor contemplative ideals.

So, in 1972 they sold their property to the Apostles of Jesus and moved to Karen; where we are located to date. God blessed them with African vocations, whom they for diligently. When the community was settled, they entrusted it to the African nuns and started going back to USA one after  another.

Most of these nuns have already gone home to the father only two are still on this side of the sun: Sr. Mary Augustine of the passion and Sr. Mary Francis Therese of the child Jesus.

We hold our Lady of Grace monastery in fondest of memories. Thanks for their continuous generosity to us.

The Corpus Christi community has kept the fire burning and extended her generosity to Zambia by opening another monastery there in Kabwe Diocese: Divine Mercy Monastery.

The community is flourishing and growing steadily in every aspect. We have expanded our community from the original small building, improved our celebration of the liturgy, renovated our guest-house and improved our projects to face the needs of our time.

the holy rosary


March 2023

May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace