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Our Charism

        Each Order brings with it a specific gift to the greater body of the Church. So, what distinguishes the Dominicans from any other Roman Catholic religious Order is our charism.

        Charism is the distinct spirit that describes the followers of a certain founder. Like the mission and traditions, the Charism dates back to when the fonder experienced the call to know, love and follow Christ in a unique way.

        Our charism is to preach which is incarnated or enfleshed in ways that speak the gospel in our day to day living and in our culture.

We as nuns preach through prayers and the work of our hands; e.g. making candles and Church vestments. The charism can physically be expressed in what we call the four Dominican pillars. Namely:


        Prayer is a reference point through which we all better know God. The Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours are the essential elements of Dominican prayer. The gift of the Holy Rosary also has a special place in our life. Each nun must also embrace personal prayer, essential to our way of life. Each nun religiously sets aside some part of the day and some days in the year for deeper contemplation.


        The dynamic aspect of our community life, young, middle-aged and old together, lies in the fact that the community continually shapes, supports and challenges each nun. Our community is a home – a place where we live, pray, recreate, work and continually encounters Christ in each other.


        “St. Dominic included study ordained to the ministry of salvation as part of the essential plan for our Order … before all else, our study should aim principally and ardently at this, that we might be able to be useful for the souls of our neighbors.” St. Thomas saw charity as the end of our study. So the measure of our study is not how much we can explain but how much we love.


        Preaching the Word is the first priority i.e. living out the word of God. We are actively involved in preaching not buy standing on pulpit but in our prayer life.

        We take very seriously the honor and responsibility that comes with preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Dominican legacy calls us to preach the truth of the Gospel, first and foremost. Our lives of prayer, study, and community provide the environment for Dominican preaching to grow and take root.


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