Corpus Christi Monastery Horarium

4:50 AM
5:20 AM
Lectio Divina
5:50 AM
6:50 AM
7:30 AM
1 Terce
9:15 AM
Sext & Rosary
11:55 AM
12:45 PM
1:15 PM
Profound Silence
1:45 pm
3:00 PM
4:15 PM
Private prayer
5:15 PM
5:50 PM
6:30 PM
7:30 PM
8:30 PM
Retire / Great Silence
9:00 PM

“Arm yourself with prayer, instead of a sword; be clothed with humility, instead of fine raiment.” St. Dominic.

Welcome to Corpus Christi Dominican Nuns Monastery in Nairobi

Dominican Nuns

We are Order of Preachers, contemplatives in the cloistered life founded by Saint Dominic before he established the friars.

Community Lectio Divina

By our hidden life we proclaim prophetically that in Christ alone is true happiness to be found, here by grace and afterwards in glory.

Consecrated to God

We are consecrated to God living the mission of the Order of Preachers to preach the Gospel for the salvation of souls through our life of prayer, penance, hearing the Word of God and contemplating the mysteries of Salvation.

Monastery Projects

Candle Making


We are Dominican nuns, cloistered women Catholic religious.  We have dedicated our lives to prayer by living in a monastery. We were found by St. Dominic before he founded the Dominican friars. In 1216, when the Dominican Friars were officially established, the first community of nuns had already existed for two years. We were found with the express intent of praying for the success of the Dominican Preaching.

Our whole life as nuns of the order of preachers is harmoniously ordered to preserve the continual remembrance of God.

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PAYBILL NO: 402-787-9

Account No. 010-000-4787-492

Dominican Nuns

For questions, please call us on +254-722-428-256



Donate for Dominican Nuns

As religious women living within the confines of the monastery walls, we welcome and accept gifts from our outside friends, well wishers and benefactors to support us  in our Charism of prayer and contemplation, vocation, formation  and community life in our monastery.

Any kind of donation to us will be used for the well being of our nuns and for the training and formation of our younger nuns in our common life.

Vocation Discernment

Prayer Request|Submit your Prayer|Submitt your prayer IntentionOur main mission is to pray for the salvation of souls. Your request will be received graciously and we promise you our prayers. Kindly click here in order to submit your prayer requests.

Are you called to Contemplative Dominican Life?

Vocation to Dominican contemplative life is a pure gift from God.  The only thing you can do is to receive it joyfully.

The main question in our vocation discernment is seeking God's will

 As Nuns, our call is first and foremost to be with the Lord like Mary who sat at the Lord’s feet listening and pondering the Lord’s words. dule Advanced settings.

Being Called to be a Dominican Nun

 As Nuns, our call is first and foremost to be with the Lord like Mary who sat at the Lord’s feet listening and pondering the Lord’s words.

Come and spend the rest of your life and time with the Lord

By becoming a Dominican Nun, you are responding to the invitation to come and spend the rest of your life and  time with the Lord.

Come and See!

In John 1:39-41,  Jesus invited the first disciples to ‘Come and see.’ They came, saw and stayed with Jesus the rest of the day. le Advanced settings.



St. Boniface

St. Boniface Feast date: Jun 05 St. Boniface was very bold in his faith and was well known for being very good at using the local customs and culture of the day to bring people to Christ. He was born in Devonshire, England, in the seventh century. He was educated...

Tour our Guest/Conference/Prayer Space

A peaceful space  for prayer, workshops and conferences open both to the Religious and  the Laity.



You are my companion and must walk with me. For if we hold together no earthly power can withstand us. St. Dominic's Words addressed to St. Francis of Assisi, his good friend.



Check out our projects in the monastery

Apart from our contemplative life, we engage ourselves in various activities  rendering our services to the church making vestments and candles used for worship.

Sewing and Embroidery Project

You can order Church Vestment any time.

Sewing of church vestments

Candle making project

Embroidery Project

Praying the Rosary

Preaching Resources


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Our History at a Glance

The North Guilford Dominican Nuns prepare to come to Nairobi in 1965

Dominican Contemplative Nuns came from the Unites States, in May, 1965, to establish Corpus Christi Monastery

This Day the Nuns are Dedicated to leave for Kenya

The Ship Sailing to Africa carrying the Nuns belongings

The Dedication Day

The Nuns Already in Nairobi